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On-site Inspection, Test & Calibration service

NS Medical Systems offers on-site calibration services which includes inspection and testing of all medical equipment that is commonly used in a GP surgery. We also offer calibration services for specialist equipment for occupational health suppliers.

Our on-site calibration service isn't just a calibration procedure it is Inspection, test and calibration rolled into one. This ensures each piece of equipment gets the maximum benefit from the time the engineer spends on it to ensure it is in the best possible condition after testing. If any minor defects are detected but are easily repairable without spare parts then they will be repaired as a part of inspection, test and calibration service otherwise a repair will have to be arranged at additional cost.

The great benefit for our on-site Test, Inspection and Calibration service is that you are able to get all you listed medical equipment tested in on-visit with the minimum of disruption to your practice. As we usually send two person to do the work this will ensure much less time is taken for completion. A single engineer may take 1 to 6 hours to complete a site but in our case two person can get the job done in half that time. We are not aware of any other company who send two person as standard practice we are unique in that respect.

Again we must stress that all our technicians are fully trained  and experienced and qualified to carry out the services we provide, they are also regularly assessed and re-trained as required to ensure they are up to date with newer equipment and the latest regulation.

If you have 1-5 items, we advise contacting us directly for an accurate quotation as the prices stated are typically for sites with larger amounts of generic medical equipment.

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