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On-site and express repair services

Often equipment can get damaged or malfunction which would require repairs to be carried out. We provide a broad repair service and will attempt to repair anything which is classed as economical to repair.

The repair of medical equipment is a crucial aspect of maintaining the functionality and reliability of medical devices in clinical settings. It involves diagnosing and fixing any issues with the equipment, including malfunctions, wear and tear, or damage caused by accidents. Repairs are often carried out by specialized technicians who are trained to work with medical equipment and follow strict safety protocols to ensure that devices are safe to use and meet regulatory standards. Good repair practices can extend the life of medical equipment, minimize downtime, and reduce the risk of patient harm due to equipment failure.

NS Medical Systems offers repair services for all types of equipment. Equipped with the latest and best testing and repair equipment we will attempt to repair most items. We are equipped with equipment to build new parts if required or custom make pieces to carry out repairs to prevent wastage of good medical equipment. We have many years of experience and all engineers are qualified and have regular training in regards to medical equipment testing, medical and electrical safety testing to meet all current standards. All engineers have a previous electronic / medical engineering record and are more than qualified and experienced to carry out the work.

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