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Items we commonly work with:
Defibrillators, Vital Signs Monitors, ECGs, Blood Pressure Units, Audiometers, Thermomete
rs, Alcometers, Spirometers,
Scales, Suction Units, Oximeters, Nebuliser
s, Vaccination Fridges, Electrosurgical Units + more.

NS Medical Systems offers on-site calibration services which include inspection and testing of all medical equipment that is commonly used in a GP surgery. We also offer calibration services for specialist equipment for occupational health suppliers.

We also provide services to dental sites

Routine maintenance is essential on vital equipment to ensure reliability and safety. We commonly service ECGs, Spirometers and Fridges annually and issue a certificate to validate the safety and reliability of the unit.

We also offer express calibration services where items can be sent to us and returned within 48 hours. This is ideal when you urgently require equipment to be tested and require a reliable company such as ourselves to meet your needs. This service is ideal for customers with a small number of items such as a single patient monitor or other item.

We offer PAT testing and medical safety testing for equipment if requested. Medical Safety Testing is vital on equipment which is in contact with the human body such as ECG machines.

Medical Safety Testing is different from PAT testing.

Often equipment can get damaged or malfunction which would require repairs to be carried out. We provide a broad repair service and will attempt to repair anything which is classed as economical to repair. We can carry out repairs of all types including replacing parts, repairing circuit boards and more.

We offer a range of new equipment at low prices, these items range from Blood Pressure Units to ECG machines as well as holters.

We also stock an inventory of reconditioned  equipment such as spirometers.

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