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We offer PAT testing and medical safety testing for equipment if requested. Medical Safety Testing is vital on equipment which is in contact with the human body such as ECG machines. For an accurate price, please use the quick quote form on this page and we will prepare a quotation within an hour.

PAT testing of electrical appliances is important to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations. Portable Appliance Testing involves checking and testing all electrical appliances that can be moved or plugged in to prevent electrical hazards like fires or electrical shocks. A certified PAT tester examines the electrical equipment and assesses it for any defects or malfunctions. Once tested, the appliance is labelled with a pass or fail. PAT testing must be done regularly to guarantee the safety of employees and members of the public and ensure compliance with health and safety laws. For compliance purposes, such as CQC standards, we advise a qualified engineer performs PAT testing checks annually. We have contracts that complete PAT testing for us that cover the whole of the UK.

Medical safety testing and PAT testing are two different types of tests that serve different purposes. Medical safety testing is usually performed on medical equipment to ensure that it is safe for use by patients and medical professionals. This includes tests to check electrical safety, compatibility with other equipment, and electromagnetic interference. On the other hand, PAT testing is used to test the safety and functionality of electrical equipment used in the workplace or in public areas. This includes tests for electrical faults, broken cables, and insulation resistance. Both types of testing are important to ensure the safety of users and to comply with regulations. NS Medical Systems offers medical safety testing on devices that require this level of service such as electrocardiographs, other basic devices that are not used for human contact such as fans and computers require PAT testing.

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