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 Medical Equipment Calibration, Maintenance & Repair

Express Calibration

Express Inspection Test and calibration.

This service is designed to deal with any equipment which you suspect is inaccurate or you have aquired a piece of equipment which does not appear to have any evidence of valid calibration.  You could request a site visit to get one or two items calibrated but this is usually  expensive for so few items.  Under these circumstances it is much more cost effective to parcel the items to us so we can calibrate them in house then return them to you.

This service is available for many types of physiological measurement equipment, ranging from Body Mass Scales, Medical Thermometers, Blood Pressure Units, Spirometer, ECGs.  However if it is impractical to send equipment to us for example if it is to large or to heavy then we advice you request a site visit instead.All equipment is calibrated using test equipment which is designed to test the specific type of equipment under test and whose calibration is traceable to national standards.  All calibration data is recorded in order to produce the calibration document which is provided to the customer upon completion of testing.Testing is carried out by a comptetant and fully trained technician.