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Stethoscope Over Cardiogram

Express Calibration Pricing

Pricing below is an estimated price based on the items. The pricing is just for the cost of testing the unit, this section is not for units that are defective or faulty, if you have a faulty item please contact us for a repair quotation. 

We do test much more than the items stated below, please contact us if the item you require testing is not on the list below.
All prices are as stated.

Spyghmanometers (Manual BP)
Digital Blood Pressure Units
ECG Holters
ECG (Sub A4 Printer)
ECG (A4 Printer)
Handheld Mini Spirometer (FEV1 Meter)
Desktop Spirometer with printer
PC Linked Spirometer
Cautery Units
Defibrillator AED (Service inc output check)
Suction Units
Thermometer (Body)
Thermometer (Fridge / Room)
Handheld Oximeters
Alcometer (Breathalyser)

Return charge applicable depending on size
of item, small parcel £10, larger parcel £29

£35 (Please specify temperature ranges)

£119 (Model dependant)

These prices are based on a single item being sent to us, multiple items will be cheaper. Please contact us to discuss.
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